Exploring Cocker Spaniel Haircut Styles for Every Occasion

Some of the most common hairstyles for cocker spaniels

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Classic Cocker Spaniel Cut

  • The classic cut is a timeless choice that maintains the natural length of the coat while ensuring it looks neat and well-kept. This style involves trimming the top of the body medium-long, leaving the ears and tail with a longer, feathery look. The skirt is also left longer, preserving the natural look of a cocker spaniel. It strikes the perfect balance between elegance and practicality. This cut requires regular brushing to maintain.

Summer Trim

  • For warmer months, a shorter trim can help keep your cocker spaniel cool and comfortable. This style involves a more substantial overall trim, especially on the body, while leaving the ears and tail with a bit of length for that signature cocker spaniel charm.

Puppy Cut

  • The puppy cut is a delightful and easy-to-maintain style that keeps your cocker spaniel looking like an adorable pup. It involves a uniform trim (about one inch) all over the body, creating a neat and fuss-free appearance. This cut is not only cute but also practical for owners who prefer minimal grooming.

Show Ring Style

  • If you plan to showcase your cocker spaniel in dog shows, a show ring style is a more intricate and polished option. This involves carefully scissoring the coat to enhance its natural flow and showcase the breed's distinctive features. It requires more skill and attention to detail but results in a stunning, show-ready appearance. This long style requires regular brushing to maintain and is not a good choice for dogs that get dirty often.

Sporty Trim

  • For active cocker spaniels who love outdoor adventures, a sporty trim is practical and stylish. It involves a shorter cut all over the body while leaving the legs, ears, and tail a little longer, making it easier to maintain and ensuring that your furry friend stays clean and comfortable during playtime.

Tips for Grooming Cocker Spaniels

Regular Brushing

  • Brush your cocker spaniel's coat regularly to prevent matting and reduce shedding. This is especially important for longer haircuts.

Ear Cleaning

  • Cocker spaniels are prone to ear infections, so regular ear cleaning is crucial. This is particularly important for styles that leave the ears with longer hair. Learn More.

Professional Grooming

  • Consider professional grooming for more intricate styles, especially if you are not confident in your grooming skills. Professional groomers can ensure a polished and well-executed look. Shaving a cocker spaniel may change the way the hair grows back. For some dogs, hand stripping may be more appropriate.

Hand stripping is a grooming technique used primarily on certain breeds with wiry or harsh coats, such as terriers and some spaniels, including cocker spaniels. Instead of using clippers, hand stripping involves manually pulling out dead hairs or the outer layer of coat. This process helps maintain the coat's texture and color while promoting the growth of new, healthy hairs. Hand stripping is often preferred for breeds with wiry coats to preserve the characteristic look and maintain the proper texture of the fur. It requires skill and knowledge of the specific breed's coat characteristics, and it is typically performed by professional groomers or experienced dog owners.

For more basic grooming tips, click here.


Choosing a haircut style for your cocker spaniel is not only about aesthetics but also about practicality and the dog's well-being. Whether you prefer a classic look, a playful style, or a show-ready appearance, there are haircut options to suit every cocker spaniel and owner's taste. Regular grooming and attention to your furry friend's coat will not only enhance their appearance but also contribute to their overall health and happiness.


Cocker spaniels are known for their beautiful, silky coats that come in a variety of colors. Keeping your cocker spaniel's coat well-groomed is not just about maintaining their appearance; it's also crucial for their overall health and comfort. In this article, we'll explore some popular and stylish haircut styles for cocker spaniels that suit different occasions and preferences.